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Introducing our exquisite Huichol Beaded Earrings, handcrafted with love and skill by indigenous Huichol artist, Miguel Carrillo, from Mexico. Each earring is meticulously adorned with tiny glass beads, showcasing traditional Huichol designs and vibrant colors, making them a true work of art. By purchasing these earrings, you are not only adding a unique statement piece to your collection but also supporting the preservation of the rich and colorful Huichol Culture. Wear these Lobos  (Wolves) with pride, knowing that you are contributing to the livelihood of the talented Huichol artisans and helping to keep their beautiful traditions alive. Each pair is a testament to the skill and creativity of the Huichol people, making them a meaningful and culturally significant addition to your jewelry ensemble.

Huichol Beaded Earing/ Lobos

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